Designing Indigenous Branding


When I started taking on clients with different projects I started to think about how Indigenous design was a communication method, that carries through and works with our different communities, with styles that communicate through colour, pattern, language, totems and symbolism.

Indigenous design communication connects through an anthropology lens of how best to design & communicate for an audience. There is something special about how our traditional communication method is still alive and we are still interacting with it as a communication means today.

That we are still connecting with our traditional method of Indigenous communication and we understand and value this as not just art but a means to communicate and educate.

Branding and Indigenous design builds something unique in different communities and the businesses within them. Indigenous branding amongst us everyday can represent and communicate our culture and our connections. But Indigenous communication should always be done respectfully.

Understanding the appropriate use of imagery, patterns, language etc is really important. That's where Indigenous designers & Indigenous communication specialists are valuable when it comes to making decisions about utilising and communicating these messages.