Reconciliation Action Plan Design

Congratulations on getting to this point of your Reconciliation Action Plan journey!! Wojamin Creative is pleased to work with you to bring your RAP PLAN to life visually.

    Wojamin Creative's Process for Reconciliation Action Plan Designs

    Crafting the artwork
    A client's artwork will be a bespoke piece that will incorporate your organisation's reconciliation in action story, brand guidelines, and strategic goals of an organisation/business.

    1. Formulation of the brief - Wojamin Creative will have an initial discussion with the client to understand the scope of the artwork and formulate an agreed brief. If the client nominates further people to speak with about the artwork creation, within this timeframe is when this occurs.
    2. Concept development stage - During this stage is when two concepts will be developed for further exploration and feedback. Wojamin Creative will develop the artwork design from the brief.
    3. Final approved artwork - At this stage of the process the concept has been chosen for the final artwork and it has gone back through to the client with any changes that have been requested. The artwork is signed off and ready for design and layout of the client's RAP Plan!

    Designing the document
    Wojamin creative is a qualified Graphic Designer. Your RAP Plan will be designed with the industry standard Adobe application products and methods.

    Products that can be packaged and delivered:- RAP Plan booklet
    - Powerpoint template
    - Poster
    - Email banner
    - Social media tiles

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