Designing with Indigenous Communication styles


There are over 500 different tribes in Australia - all with their own design patterns, methods and communication styles. Colours take on meaning, patterns craft interpretations, and the body of work forms the communication. Each Indigenous design and communication element holds community knowledge, it holds community understanding, and community way of being

When designing and communicating to Indigenous audiences it is important to remember to respect each community's communication style.

 Each Indigenous community still carries their understanding of our ancient way of communicating. A community gravitates to their own design and language; wether it be in visual form or language form, it is important to tailor communication that is reflective and incorporates the community style you want to reach.

This example shows people from the area, it has patterns, colours and language use that is familiar to the audience. It is promoting three different activities, but the main communication method focuses on community engagement in a respectful and effective way.