Strategic Communications and Graphic Design

 Indigenous Design Communication

Designing with Indigenous people in mind.

Crafting messaging that suits the audience.

Speaking true to the story telling of our peoples.

Reaching communities with heart and impact in mind.

The story of Wojamin Creative

Wojamin Creative specialises in Indigenous Design Communication. We create print and digital promotional solutions that showcase Indigenous communities and brands. Wojamin Creative works with the fundamental knowledge of Western practice of communications and Indigenous contemporary practice of design communications, tailoring content to reach Indigenous communities.

When I started taking on clients with different projects I started to think about how Indigenous design was a communication method, that carries through and works with our different communities, with styles that communicate through colour, pattern, language, totems and symbolism.

There are over 500 different tribes in Australia - all with their own design patterns, methods and communication styles. Colours take on meaning, patterns craft interpretations, and the body of work forms the communication. Each Indigenous design and communication element holds community knowledge, it holds community understanding, and community...

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Acknowledgement of Country
Wojamin Creative pays respect to the South Coast Wandandian and Gumea and Dharawal language group lands, ways, and people it operates on the lands of. Wojamin extends this to all other lands where we meet, work and create. Always was, Always will be - Sovereignty never ceded [-0-]